What is the Wright School?


The Wright School is a virtual reality school, it can exist any where. You can come to it or it can come to you!

You will be taught by the international director and teacher of theatre John Wright.  

We hold various courses throughout the year depending of John Wright’s availability the details of which will be emailed to his mailing list, click here to join

Courses can also be tailor made for your company please email us with your requirements

Who the heck is John Wright?

John Wright is an internationally renowned teacher and director. He has taught workshops all over the world and his book " Why is that so funny?" is a must buy for actors, directors, students and teachers. John was a founder member of the acclaimed theatre companies, Trestle and Told by an Idiot.

His version of Dr. Faustus with IIIParty won the Peter Brook Award and Coal Theatres Fragility of X won a spirit of the fringe award at the Edinburgh festival.

He is currently working on a new book provisionally titled "Acting without the bullshit."